Red Nose Pitbulls are by far some of the oldest and well know strains of pitbulls. Believe it or not they have around 150 years of history. The color and drive of a Red Nose Pitbull is unlike any other Strain of pitbull. Most people wonder what separates the Red Nose Pitbull from other colors of pitbulls?

Let’s start off with the history that begun this wonderful breed. In the 19th century there were pit bulls in Ireland that were know as “Old Family.” All the strains at the time were closely Inbreed and that is how they got the red color. Because red is recessive to all colors other than white. So the only way they could get this color was with Inbreeding the dogs very closely.

By this time the red color of pit bulls was very know all around the United Kingdom and since they originated from Ireland the red nose pitbulls were called “Irish Old Family Reds,” but then the dogs started to come to America with immigrants from the United Kingdom and some of the red pit bulls were imported from Ireland.

In America we hear the term OFRN “Old Family Red Nose” but most people do not know that these dogs never did originate from the United States. The Red Nose Pitbull was so popular because of its unique color and gameness. Still to this day the rednose pitbull will out perform any other color of pitbull.  Another big reason why people still choose a red colored dog is because they have great skin and health unlike most blue pitbulls.

The Red Nose pitbull we have today is nothing like the original reds we have crossed it with other bloodlines and breeds to water down their original bloodline. Dog fighting and bull baiting is illegal in almost all countries so we are no longer able to use the Red Nose Pitbull for what people in Ireland originally created them for. Still to this day the reds are a great working dog if you get the right bloodline or they can be a wonderful family dog

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