The amount of red nose pitbull breeders is unimaginable. From people breeding mutts, they claim to be quality based on the dog’s color, to the breeding of high-quality red nose pits, with generations of documented ancestry. The red nose originated from the bloodline Old family red nose coming from Scotland. The distinctive red color, lips, and nails developed from the strict inbreeding in Scotland centuries ago. The red coat color is a recessive trait that was bred into the bloodline till the point it became the dominating color in the gene pool. It has come a long way over the years with every generation of selective breeding. Resulting in bigger, faster, and more athletic pit bulls than ever before imagined. One of the prime examples of the improvements in the reds from selective breeding is FPM’S Gino.

His size, muscle composition, and temperament are well above anything seen before and this has resulted in generation after generation of selecting the best dog out of the litter. Gino is part of World Famous FPM Kennels and he is one of the main studs in their yard. Gino has the size, structure, muscle, work ethic, and a wonderful temperament to top it off. He’s one of the best red-nose studs in the world. In all honesty, he is probably the best I have seen and is a true example of what selective breeding over many generations can lead to.

Pictured below is Gino from FPM Kennels


 Known As The Working Breed

The Red nose is worldly known for its outstanding athletic ability and high drive to work. Many reds compete and do exceptionally well in weight-pulling competitions, and other obstacle courses. The red’s drive for work is incredible. It is also known for its capabilities of being a catch dog for hogs. I would highly recommend this breed to anyone who likes to stay active and do physical activities. This breed needs lots of playing room so they can release all of that energy they have. If you are not able to exercise the dog regularly I would say you should get a different style of dog.

How Many Red Nose Pitbull Kennels are There?

There is no way to know the exact number of red nose pitbull kennels the number is in the thousands for sure because there are new breeders every single day. There is a lot of breeding of mixed dogs (mutts) that people put high prices on because the dog throws the trademark red color in its offspring. The price you can pay for a red nose that has not been bred properly is anywhere from free to a couple of hundred dollars. 

But to get a puppy from some of the top breeders in the world your usually looking to pay $2,000 to $5,000 for one of the top bloodlines. It just depends if you want just a dog or one of the best dogs in the world. The caliber of dogs is so different in quality because someone may say they have a red nose but do they have the paperwork and pedigree to show proof of what their dog really is? 

Through lots of research and putting endless effort overall the best Kennel I could find to get a red nose from is the only BBB Accredited Pitbull Breeder in the World FPM Kennels. They offer the highest quality reds with the absolute best customer service. I have questioned them on the process of getting a puppy from them and they told me they provide a contract, and health screening of a puppy with a pedigree and bloodline no one can duplicate. I also like how they keep their dogs very exclusive and do not breed with other kennels.

But don’t believe me saying they are truly the best in the world. I would recommend to anyone looking into getting a red nose pitbull to go search for yourself for the best breeder but if you truly look around and your main concern is quality I don’t think you can go wrong with that choice.